About Us

Mission Statement:

To preserve our republic by setting straight the record of our national history because with the advent of those who promote political correctness, America and her past has been greatly tarnished by the painting of her first citizens as being racists, bigots, and even murderous in the subjugation of the indigenous peoples as well as people of color. This portrayal is only designed for political gain by those who are trying to “reinvent” America into what she is not, and what she must never become which is a socialistic state.

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Original intent of our founding fathers:

When our forefathers established this nation, they did so imbued with the idea that their great experiment with republicanism through local self-government was the best way to protect their right of individual liberty. Further, they wanted to share freedom with others throughout the world by inviting them into our American family as “American Citizens” in an American form of political union. Therefore, peoples from throughout the world now live in a liberty which is unknown in their native countries and they have risen generations of children who are now simply American protected by a providentially inspired Constitution.

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What we have become:

As of late, however, these same people who enjoy unprecedented wealth and freedom have been split into warring factions by those bent upon destroying this American Union. Through the implementation of political correctness, an atmosphere of victimization and entitlement has arisen to the point where this American Political Unity has almost been totally destroyed. Those who are leading this charge and their willing accomplices in certain governmental bureaucracies, the educational system and the national media have as stated above, painted our heritage, our founding fathers, our institutions, and our republican form of government as hateful, bigoted, sexist and racist thus pitting classes, races and genders one against the other and all of this is done simply for political gain; and in such a climate, a republic such as ours cannot long endure. Now these same people are squandering our national wealth with uncontrolled government spending almost to the point of making us unable to defend ourselves – all the while endangering the future of our posterity by yoking them with a national debt which is almost too impossible for them to pay off. We believe that it is the goal of such people to create in this nation a larger central government than was intended by our founding fathers and they believe that government should be the answer to all of our civil and governmental needs whose policies would be dictated by a social elite i.e. those in power in Washington.

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Our Core Beliefs:

Because of the above stated situation, we have created a program which is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of America’s rich and proud heritage of freedom of the individual, both civil and religious, republicanism, free enterprise, American exceptionalism, and constitutional law based upon the Law of Nature and the Revealed Law. We believe that the philosophical foundation of America is predicated on the principle that the liberties of individuals are not given to them by other men, but that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights which should not and must not be infringed upon by others. We also believe that governments are only legitimate when they govern by the consent of the people which is the cornerstone of local self-government and we do not believe that it was the intentions of our founding fathers to allow the people of this country to be ruled by either social elitist, or an oppressive unaccountable Federal Government. In short, we believe in preserving the America which our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us for our sake and the sake of our posterity because the alternative could only mean civil, economic, as well as religious oppression, poverty and chaos.

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Our Method:

Since we believe that the above mentioned principles of government and freedom are eternal, we use the unique venue of interpretive history by bringing live to the stage some of America’s most illustrious characters; such as Samuel Adams, Daniel Webster, or John C. Fremont, to demonstrate how our fathers used those principles in their day to address the issues facing them so we can use those same principles in our own time to address similar issues facing us. Although there may not be historical evidence of whole sentences spoken by our interpreters, we have studied the lives and times of the characters as well as their writings to be sure of our accuracy in our portrayal of them.

These interpretations reflect upon the dangers that Americans from different times saw that any government could grow to such a state that it oppresses the people it is sworn to serve with the same oppressive measures as King George III did during Samuel Adams’ time or of a southern plantation owner during J. Charles Fremont’s time. Is it possible we today may face this here in America if we abandon our republican form of government for a socialist one? We believe it can, for with programs such as Obama Care, the results will be the same as if our government was run by plantation owners to which we are slaves. But we also believe this can all be avoided, or in our case, repealed. Therefore, we believe that these reenactments are a unique way for us to show historically that our father’s issues were quite like our own and adhering to their heed to eternal vigilance to protect our liberties is something worth pondering.

In 2012 we will be offering classes through reenactments, and webinars on America’s unique history using our own publications that were researched from non-politically correct books dated from the early writings of our fathers to today, and those sources clearly demonstrate the greatness of America not only because of her religious, governmental, and economic institutions but also because of the rugged individuality of her people and that all adds up to American exceptionalism.

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Our Track Record:

For over two years now, we have already been quite successful in utilizing our program in public, religious, educational as well as political settings. We have done this through the unique talent of one of our interpreters, who, as a historical reenactor has been doing this for over 10 years in these various settings.

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The Goals of Our Speeches:

  1.  To entertain the audience by having live the historical figure of Samuel Adams, or J.C. Fremont speak to them in the full historical attire or regalia of a Civil War General who brings forth the “Eternal Principles” our fathers used in their time of great need to address our own today!
  2. To educate the audience about those eternal principles and how our Civil War era fathers used those principles to put an end the institution of slavery in America then, and that we must not accept it now.
  3.  To admonish and encourage the audience to go out and educate their fellow citizens for they are the posterity of a great self governing people whose responsibility it is to preserve what has been bequeathed to them.
  4.  To infuse once again patriotism, pride, and enthusiasm of being an American into the hearts of the listener.
  5. To Challenge the audience to donate their money and time and to work and to get elected the candidate of their choice who best follows and adhears to our form of governmentOnce again, ours in an educational program, and we educate. However, in so doing, we also entertain as well as encourage, uplift, enable with tools for debate, and we inspire people.

We are proud Americans, we are proud of what America is and what she stands for. We will not equivocate, we will not apologize nor will we shrink from our duties. .

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