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About the book, Blood Fire Faith:

Have you ever wondered how we Americans got our freedoms?

Have you ever wondered how we got our constitution?

Have you ever wished you had an easy but relatively concise book that would help you not only answer these questions, but also give you tools to teach this great history to your children?

The book Blood Fire & Faith: How Freedom Became a Country will do just that. It is a book which traces the development of individual liberty, constitutional law, and the republican form of government which culminated in the Constitution of the United States. It covers a time period beginning approx. 1500 BC through 1787 AD and spanning three continents beginning in Asia, through Europe and finally North America.

The author vividly illustrates how the victims of the swords of tyrants, the burning stakes of powerful ecclesiastical institutions, the scaffold of revolutions and the prisons of kings became the cobblestones of the road to freedom and how they overcame such forces by faith in God, their commitment to truth, and a love for liberty which could not be snuffed out.

The fear of every tyrant or of every oppressive institution is faith in God, for such faith is the great sustainer of those locked up in prisons or condemned to death. The faith of the people traced in this book gave them the courage to face such extremities rather than to give up their conscience to the whims and desires of other men; and such a force fills the heart of the individual with an arsenal of courage and determination; and this determination, neither sword nor flame could quench, but in fact became a testimony that must be passed on from one generation to the next.

That testimony is the reason for this book. The story of their sacrifices, their courage in the face of oppression and death must not only be preserved, but told to each successive generation. Let this book introduce you to both the people and the principles they used to establish liberty and justice for all and you will better understand why peoples of the world want to become Americans and you yourself will appreciate that God gifted title.

Published by the Educational Institute of Governmental Studies

Author – Rex Ruth

Executive Director – Tom Waldorf

About author of the book, Blood Fire Faith:

Author Rex Ruth is a proud American of Mexican descent, raised in the vinyards and agriculture fields of the Central Valley of California.

He holds a degree in theatrical arts for his dramatic, mass communications and education with an emphasis on history.

He has received wide acclaim for his dramatic presentations of founding fathers, presidents, early senators, and decorated war vets to social education, educational, and military academies. He has lent his talents to raise funds to feed the people of Liberia during war time and has been a featured speaker at several elections as well as Tea Party events dedicated to passing on the principles that secure liberties for future generations. Rex now lives in Northern California with his wife Janna and has five children and six grand children.


Blood Fire and Faith pgs. 4-5

The American Ship was built in the new world, parting with the political institutions of the old, both civil and religious. For that very reason, it has survived as a constitutional republic far longer than any other state in the history of the world. We were not built upon the ideas of the old world so the old world’s institutions do not fit in our republic. If they were ever institutionalized here, they would have to be forced upon Americans against their will. Why would we go back to slavery in Egypt or the tyranny of Europe? Why climb out of a floating ship only to climb into one that’s sinking? Socialist policy in this country hopes to take us back to those old world ideas.

Although in the minds of some the redistribution of wealth and unified national plans can seem fair and right, these utopian ideas come with a high price. The names the agendas adopt may be new, but the ideas are the same ones seen in Egypt, Rome and old Britain. There is nothing new under the sun. We may go back to that old world system yet, but if we do it will not be because we chose it, but because we forgot what makes America exceptional. If we went back to the teachings and system of the old world, not only would be cease to be the free ship of state we are, we would soon join the watery graveyard of other sunken and corrupt nations. However, I don’t believe that idea appeals to any of us.

Yet the larger part is that we Americans would not be alone in such a catastrophic event–the world would suffer with us. As the carriers of change in the world from tyranny to freedom, from dependency upon government to a prosperous free market society, America is the example to mankind of what a free people can do. However, if we fall back into oppression, the cause of freedom will perish with us.

We don’t want to be part of the generation who lost it all after we were given so much by those who paid with their lives.


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